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Modern Houses in traditional designs.
A new scheme planned by 'Sathyam Cubes'.There is a conventional architectural style, specific to Tamilnadu. Though there is a multiplicity of styles in the Tamil architecture, each one is unique and region specific.  From Chennai to Kanyakumari.If you happen to travel through the hinterlands of Tamilnadu,  different styles and expressions will meet your eyes. Plain but elegant houses of pot makers, Opulent Chettinad houes, simple dwellings of farmers, houses of weavers, houses with verandas, houses with galleries.  Architecture of Tamils could charm you to the hilt.In addition to the traditional styles, there are other styles which are import of foreign traders viz., British, Dane, Dutch, Portuguese, French who entered India centuries ago. Even today many buildings in places like Chennai, Puducherry, Tranqabar and Tuticorin stand testimonies to the different styles of imported architectural designs.Today technical aspects in the construction industry have grown manifold. Modern apartments have mushroomed. But they look monotonous in design and less enthusing. If houses are built in traditional style with modern facilities, they could invariably appeal to the new generation of customers who are modern but are still fixated in tradition. Sathyam Cubes targets such consumers and try to recreate our traditional designs in their houses with modern facilities intertwined.  In other words, Sathyam Cubes is going to build modern houses designed in old traditional style.Houses under the 'Sathyam Cubes' are going to be designed by the popular modern artist  Trotsky Marudhu,  who has long association with a unique architecture that blends tradition with modernity.  Architect Ramkumar is going to give shape to the designs of Trotsky Marudhu.  Sanjeev Kumar who has  a long stint in the construction industry is collaborating with Sathyam Constructions to build the houses under 'Sathyam Cubes'.